Q: How does the King of the Hill work?

A: The King of the Hill is a 'sub-contest' that occurs 3 times during the season. A new King of the Hill will start on week #1 (9/12/2021), week # 6 (10/17/2021) and week #12 (11/28/2021). You select one pick for your King. You are eligible for the next week’s King if your team covered the previous week. You may use the same team as often as you like. The contest will continue until one final King remains on the Hill or the next King starts. Just like the regular picks the spread is used.

Q: What happens if all the remaining entrants lose?

A: If all teams lose they will all return the next week. If all entrants lose during the final King they will split the prize money at that time.

Q: What if teams remain when the next King starts?

A: If a new King starts any teams that remain in the previous King will split any prize money. The final King will continue all the way to the Super Bowl if needed and a Super Bowl tie breaker will determine the winner if the contest gets that far.

Q: Where do the lines come from?

A: The lines (spread) will be used for all selections and King of the Hill picks. The lines will be posted every Wednesday afternoon. For consistency, the lines used will be those found on Wednesday morning from ScoresandOdds.Com with one slight adjustment: if the posted line is a whole number (7, 3, 5, etc.) ½ will be subtracted from the favorite. A minus -7 will become a -7.5, -3 becomes a -3.5 etc., this is because we always use ½ point lines to avoid ties. Since the lines need to be posted Wednesday to allow everyone to enter their picks there will be times when no line is available from our source, to increase the number of playable games a line will be found at a different source. Since all contestants are using the same lines the numbers will be fair for all. The lines for the week will not change once posted, regardless of how the line moves throughout the week.

Q: What are the prizes?

A: 100% of the pool money is returned as prizes. For a breakdown of the percent for each prize please click on the Prize Breakdown button from the RULES menu.

Q: What is the deadline for entries?

A: The last day to activate your team is Saturday, 9/11/2021, at noon. After that time, you will be locked out.

Q: What is the deadline for making weekly selections?

A: The deadline for selections is Saturday afternoons at 2:00 PM. After that time, random computer-generated selections will be made for you. Please be advised that although this is the deadline, it might be wise to make your selections comfortably before that time to avoid any problems you might have if you are trying to log on at 1:57 PM and have a slow connection.

Q: How can I verify that my picks have been recorded?

A: After you make your picks you are asked to CONFIRM AND SUBMIT them. They are not official until you do that. When you do confirm your picks, a copy of your picks will be emailed to you. You can always go back and try to make picks and a copy of the picks that you made will be displayed.

Q: How can I change my selections after I have made them?

A: Once you have made your selections for the week you are done and the selections CANNOT BE CHANGED.

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