The Rules

1. Select five (5) Pro teams each week of the regular season (18 weeks). The results are based on the outcome against the spread.

2. Only Sunday and Monday games may be used. With the exception of week #16 wich will have the majority of it's games played on Saturday. We will use Saturday games for that week. Note picks will be due one day earlier on Friday at 2PM that week.'

3. All selections will be made on the web site at www.FBCONTEST.COM. Your password and team name will be needed. Selections must be made by 2:00 PM Saturday or random selections will be made by the computer for your team. After your selections are made a copy of your picks will be emailed to you if you have entered the correct email address when you signed up or by checking this web site.

4.If teams are tied at the end of the regular season the best record for the last 3 weeks will be used as a tie breaker. If a tie still exists, the comparison will go back another week until one team has a better record and will win the tie.

5. The first 5-0 prize is for the first week a 5-0 is achieved and the last 5-0 is for the last 5-0. In other words, if two contestants had a 5-0 in Week 1, they would split the prize because they both had 5-0’s in the first week regardless of the time of the games they picked.

6. If a game is cancelled you will be assigned the favorite in the last game of the week on Monday night. Should the Monday night game be cancelled you will be assigned the favorite of the last game scheduled before that game.

7. Although this is a contest for adults (not necessarily mature adults) the level for not censoring team names will be very loose. Hopefully no one will cross the common-sense line and have to have their team name rejected. Please limit team names to 20 characters.

8.The dates for the 3 King of the Hills are: week #1 (Sept. 11), week #6 (Oct. 16) and week # 12 (Nov. 27). Each King of the Hill prize will be 10% of the prize pool. At the time of the next King starting the previous King prize will be paid. If more then 1 remain the prize will be split.

9.In the event of any unforeseen problems with game cancellations or computer problems a solution will be provided by the contest moderator, Henry Louie. His decision will be the final word should any anomalies occur.

10.Prizes will be awarded based on a percentage of the entire entry fee pool, with 100% of the entry fees going back as prizes.

  • a) First Prize 35%
  • b) Second Prize 20%
  • c) Third Prize 5%
  • d) Each King of The Hill 10% (3 Kings = 30%)
  • e) First and last 5-0 5% each (10%)

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